A little bit about us....

Andrew's love for photography began at
Bradley University in 1985. Since then he has
worked as a corporate photographer; helped
manage multiple darkrooms; and has even set
up a small darkroom in the Brazilian Amazon
for a mission organization. Andrew spent four
years with his wife and children living in the
Andes Mountains in Venezuela where he
helped teach photography to missionary and
business kids.  Andrew has fused the look and
feel of the art from other countries into his
own, helping him to convey the emotion of the
moment within his work.

Forever Always Photography is located in
Lawton, MI, just west of Kalamazoo, and
serves the entire southwestern Michigan
region.  We do travel outside of this region for
an additional fee.

We have a new studio located behind Big T's
in Lawton, MI, on the south side of the old
warehouse.  We have many outdoor and
indoor facilities available to us that we utilize
with our clients, along with cars and
motorcycles of all makes and models through
The Steel Toad- Automotive & Cycle
Photography.  We are one of the only studios
around with a dance mirror (ballet) in house.

Forever Always Photography, LLC
204 West St,
Suite 6
Lawton, MI 49065
You get what you pay for....
I am sure that I am not the only one who grew up with a dad
that was always saying, "You get what you pay for."  And for
the most part, it is true.

In an age where everyone has a digital camera, and can take
"great" photos for you at bargain prices, one needs to weigh
the cost of saving money to that of having a photo that
captures more than an object.
(I must add, the highest price does not necessarily mean the
best available photographer.  One must judge the photos for

Forever Always prides themselves in capturing the personality
of the individual and the emotion of the moment.  Doing this
takes more than a twenty minute point and shoot session
done by some whom try to fit way too many people into one

Each session is centered around you, the client, with the
clock not being a factor.  Andrew takes time to get to know
each of his clients and better understand their individual
personalities.  Because Andrew views everyone in life as either
a friend, or a friend he hasn't met yet, he is extremely skilled
in the art of conversation and building relationships quickly.  
This talent helps his client's relax, knowing that Andrew
genuinely cares about them and what makes them tick.

Forever Always' prices reflect the time, talent, and skills
acquired throughout the years that go into each image
created.  There is no auto dial on a camera that can grant that
with each snap.
WEDDINGS - (Booking Only 10 Weddings per Year)
Wedding packages start @ $3200 and include an
engagement session, the entire wedding day, along with the
reception.  For more information on what else is included and
what is available please contact Andrew using the contact
page of this site.
Portrait and Children sessions are $250 and include:
(1) 11x14
(2) 8x10's
(16) Wallets  
The client may pick and choose the images they like.
Senior sessions are $350 and include:
(1) 11x14
(2) 8x10's
(16) Wallets
Yearbook Photo
DVD for Senior Open House
Seniors are allowed unlimited changes.
A La Carte Pricing(samples of popular sizes)                                  
Also Available:
8 Wallets- 20.00                             -Wedding Albums
3.5 x 5-   7.50                                 -Greeting Cards
4 x 6- 10.00                                    -DVDs for Senior Open House
5 x 5- 12.00                                    -Coffee Table Books
5 x 7- 17.50                                    -Gallery Wraps
8 x 10- 32.50                                  -Larger Print Sizes
11 x 14- 55.00                                -Senior Invitations
12 x 12- 65.00                                -Newborn Announcements, etc.

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