Senior Pictures with Tony

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One could not have had a nicer day, nor an entire week for that matter. The weather has been just beautiful here in Southwest Michigan. With the smell of grapes in the air, it is just picture perfect. For those who do not know, our little town is surrounded by grape vineyards that are ripe for harvest. With Welch’s grape juice factory a couple blocks away, the trucks pass by throughout the day and night bringing in the sweet smelling harvest.

For those who live outside of Michigan, you can enjoy not only Welch’s grape products from here, but Spiech Farm grapes at any of the WalMarts in your state as well as other grocers that carry these hand-picked delights.

Back to the day’s shoot. We went out this afternoon and stopped by two farms and a camp in order to get the photos we desired. The first farm was one I have eyed for a few years now and finally decided to see if it was available. As you can see, the barn was ideal for senior pics and led to the possibility of another client, the owner’s son, who happens to be a senior this year as well:)

The second barn is one that belongs to a dear old friend of mine. The barn, however, is not very safe anymore, as the foundation is giving away. This is too bad, for it is a beautiful building with lots of character. They just don’t build them like this anymore.

Our last stop was a camp that is managed by a very good friend and provides 265 acres of ideal settings for any portrait session. With a lake, trails, campsites, beautiful trees, and plenty of nature, what more could one ask or hope for. All of these settings definitely helped create some great senior pictures for Tony. Of course, it helped to have a great senior model as well.

God Bless,


Tony 1

Cross Country


No Rain!

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This morning was beautiful outside and our schedules agreed, so off to the park we went to take some pictures of little Tiara. She is such a cutie.

One thing I have learned from doing kids photos over time is to let them do their thing to start with. Let them get used to you and the camera, along with the reflectors and other equipment. Do not go into a shoot with limited time, for it may take a while for the right picture to come. How many of us feel comfortable with new people, let alone someone sticking a camera in your face and shining white screens at you from the side? Times that by four or five and it my come close to what these little ones feel.

With that in mind, we had fun on the swings and sliding boards, which I found out she really liked. So we graduated to the bigger slides and boy did she come alive. After awhile she was letting me pick her up and hand her back to mom at the top of the slide. That is when you move from stranger to friend.

Friends always get better picture opportunities.



slide paint

“Best of Show” Paint

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I love cars! Older ones especially. I told you already that my son and I had fun at the Harvest Festival looking at the cars, well, the truck we lined up to take photos of ended up winning “Best of Show” for its paint at the 29th annual Street Rod Nationals North in Kalamazoo a few weekends ago.

We met yesterday morning in Schoolcraft, MI, at the park where they hold their annual vintage car show every 4th of July. It is a beautiful park right in town and makes for a great backdrop with such a amazing truck. I am not sure how to describe the paint other than it is a brown pearl that changes colors depending on the angle and the sun. One minute it is a deep brownish gold fleck, the next it is a beautiful green. One look and it is not hard to understand why it received the award it did.

Needless to say, I really enjoyed this project. I am looking forward to my next vehicle, the 1934 Mercedes we are hoping to do within the coming weeks.

God Bless,


47 Chevy

Best of Show 2


Family Photos

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I have always found it interesting in life that a certain theory is true more than not. We have had friends in life that were builders, yet their house was always the last one to be finished. I have had friends that were landscapers, yet there lawn looked like the before picture in an ad. No matter the profession, family seems to come last more than not.

I took photos of my family this summer and just finished them around midnight last night. Yes, it has been awhile, and yes I just finished some of my nephew as well yesterday. I was talking to a friend this summer who said they had the same thing in their family, they were always the last to be taken care of. I guess it happens everywhere. They told me they starting paying the family member full price so as to be treated the same as any other customer. (NO I AM NOT WRITING THIS FOR MY FAMILY! DON’T WORRY, I WILL STILL TAKE CARE OF YOU ALL:)

Actually, I am using this theory as an excuse for why it took so long:) I hope you all enjoy the photos.

God Bless,


Isbell Family



Eric & Suzanne

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What a difference a week can make. The previous Saturday brought with it a steady downpour the entire day, bringing the river levels higher and higher. This past week has been nothing but beautiful skies, though the river was still rising due to the creeks and run-offs throughout Michigan. This was a little scary, mainly due to the fact that the wedding was taking place along one of the dams on the river.

Saturday, the lower river walks were under water; however, the area the wedding was to take place on was dry and beautifully green. With temperatures in the mid-70′s, one could not ask for a more perfect day. The entire day went very well, with photos at the bride’s parents before the wedding and ending that evening at the Bed & Breakfast with dancing and cake. We even took a few moments to run downtown for some post-wedding shots in between. Everyone had a great time.

God Bless,


Eric & Suzanne


What to do in the rain

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Like many of you, I am getting tired of the rain we have been getting over this past weekend. I had a few outdoor shots lined up that were postponed leaving me indoors working on recent photos. I have plenty to work on, so the rain was actually a good thing, though I was tied up all day Saturday with a church auction my wife and I were helping organize. The rain actually helped, I believe, for there was little else to do for those who ventured outdoors.

The evening was quite fun, even though my time was spent mostly in the kitchen cooking 24lbs of spaghetti, heating up 300+ homemade breadsticks, along with plenty of sauce. There were great deals to be had, including a pure-bred black lab puppy that went for $75. He was cute, but not cute enough for me to buy for my daughter and wife. We already have a 170lb English Mastiff, we do not need another dog!

I had a great time Sunday evening going over final details with a bride and groom for their up-coming wedding this Saturday. The weather man is calling for clear skies and temps around the mid-70′s. Sounds perfect to me.

Two weekends ago we made it to the Wine & Harvest Festival in Paw Paw, MI, and saw many beautiful cars. My son and I share the same passion for older cars and enjoyed the day together. I included two here and a close-up of a 1934 Mercedes under the Specialty tab on my website. We are arranging to take more pictures of the Mercedes in the next week or two when they bring in the rye fields.

God Bless and have a great week,


Mach 1

Auto 2


Senior Pictures

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Well, Friday brought rain and a delay in taking our outdoor photos of the little girl I was looking forward to working with. We are rescheduling for this week, though it is going to be rather busy. The weather was ideal today for our Senior session with Nathan, and his choice of locations worked very nicely.

Van Buren Youth Camp has played an important part in Nathan’s life. So much so that he wanted to make it part of his senior photos. Many of the locations we used contained objects that are well known to any camper that has been there before. Legends of bears climbing trees were shared, helping me to understand what many campers feel when reliving the folklore that is passed down throughout the years. Having worked at a youth camp myself, I know what life-changing experiences camp can have on one’s life.

After we left the camp, we headed back to Lawton to hit the soccer field and have fun doing some shots there. Nathan, and his mom, did a great job in moving around the goal in order to use it in some of the photos. Between the green grass, the vineyards, and the beautiful clouds in the sky, the day was perfect.

God Bless,




Forever Always takes to the Blogosphere

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Who said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? This is a first for me, blogging that is. I must say that I am rather excited to get this launched though. I have been wanting to do this for the past year or so and just did not have the time to do so.

I packed up my belongings, said my goodbyes to those at the factory, and started working full-time in my photography business as of Sept. 1st. It feels like I am on vacation or something this week, not having to get up at 3:30am every morning. I think it hasn’t fully sank in yet that I am done with those hours. It is nice being able to go to bed with my wife again! Now I have to keep from staying up all night working on the computer.

I have a photo shoot this Friday with a very beautiful little girl I met on Labor Day at my neighbors party. I will post a pic or two this weekend. I also have a senior session on Sunday and will post how that went as well. I will take all the prayers I can get on the success of this venture, and say a special thank you to my wife for letting me give it a go.

God Bless,