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I have always found it interesting in life that a certain theory is true more than not. We have had friends in life that were builders, yet their house was always the last one to be finished. I have had friends that were landscapers, yet there lawn looked like the before picture in an ad. No matter the profession, family seems to come last more than not.

I took photos of my family this summer and just finished them around midnight last night. Yes, it has been awhile, and yes I just finished some of my nephew as well yesterday. I was talking to a friend this summer who said they had the same thing in their family, they were always the last to be taken care of. I guess it happens everywhere. They told me they starting paying the family member full price so as to be treated the same as any other customer. (NO I AM NOT WRITING THIS FOR MY FAMILY! DON’T WORRY, I WILL STILL TAKE CARE OF YOU ALL:)

Actually, I am using this theory as an excuse for why it took so long:) I hope you all enjoy the photos.

God Bless,


Isbell Family


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