No Rain!

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This morning was beautiful outside and our schedules agreed, so off to the park we went to take some pictures of little Tiara. She is such a cutie.

One thing I have learned from doing kids photos over time is to let them do their thing to start with. Let them get used to you and the camera, along with the reflectors and other equipment. Do not go into a shoot with limited time, for it may take a while for the right picture to come. How many of us feel comfortable with new people, let alone someone sticking a camera in your face and shining white screens at you from the side? Times that by four or five and it my come close to what these little ones feel.

With that in mind, we had fun on the swings and sliding boards, which I found out she really liked. So we graduated to the bigger slides and boy did she come alive. After awhile she was letting me pick her up and hand her back to mom at the top of the slide. That is when you move from stranger to friend.

Friends always get better picture opportunities.



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