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Thought I would share two of my new ads that are appearing in various magazines along the lake shore and the Chicago area.






Engagement Session at Kalamazoo College.

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What a gorgeous evening! What a great couple! Kirsten and Chris were so much fun to work with, and as you can see, extremely photogenic. Kalamazoo College campus was the setting we chose, and was it ever beautiful. The grass was as green as it could be, and the trees were turning their different shades creating the perfect backdrop. No one can paint a background quite like God himself.

We went from very little sun to full power lighting in seconds. We had to retreat into the shade so as to not have the photos completely washed out. The two of them were a little camera shy when it came to kissing for a pose:) That’s okay though, I’ve been married sixteen years and my wife would still be that way for a picture.

We ended with a few photos involving both loves of Chris’ life; Kirsten and his Camaro. Kirsten told me not to ask the order in which they fall. Being a car enthusiast, I knew better. I did comment that Chris was still young and the order will change, for some day the car will be replaced with a minivan but Kirsten will still be there:) It was a very enjoyable evening for all.

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Engagement 2


Mosquito Coast (Vineyard)

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What a beautiful day outside. It’s hard to believe that it is October 12th with the warm temps today. Tony, whom I took his senior pictures, was back for round two with his family, as they purchased a photo session I donated at our church’s auction we held last month. I guess the mosquitoes did not know that it was a closed set, for they all decided to join us. Case in point for why to carry OFF spray with oneself when doing outdoor photos.

We made our rounds between a friend’s vineyard outside of town, another friend’s camp he manages, and Miracle Camp, where I was Director for a few years. The trees were turning and everything was nice and green. We had to sample a few of the Concord grapes while we were there. Yes, these were the same ones you buy at WalMart under the name Spiech Farms.

Even though the mosquitoes decided to join us, we all enjoyed the afternoon, taking our time to get the photos we were seeking, along with a few others. My goal is for each photo session to be a memorable one, and I believe the client’s would say this is true. It is for that reason I only schedule one session a day with no regard to keeping track of the time. If the family wants to try out a few different locations, change clothes, or sit around and chat between shots, that’s fine with me. It is their day and I aim to help them sense that in the way I operate my business. We definitely had fun today.

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What happen to the week?

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Ever have one of those weeks that starts with Monday and goes straight to Thursday? What happen? I started to work on some photos, ran some errands that never stopped, and here it’s Thursday!

We did get a little rest in this past weekend with a trip up to Mackinaw City, though a five hour drive each way is not really what I call relaxing. I must say that I was a little apprehensive about the whole thing, staying in a cabin, with the possibility of no heat, in the cold North. I, wanting to stay warm, packed TWO portable heaters just in case. I guess I was worrying without cause, for the cabins had heaters, bathrooms and showers, and a little fridge and microwave. Not quite roughing it, though as rough as I care to go. If you ever go to Mackinaw City check out www.campmackinaw.com. They are great people and run a beautiful facility.

Before we left for Mackinaw I was trying to upload some new Senior photos to Pictage in order for the senior to view them over the weekend. Of course, nothing ever works when you are in a hurry, so needless to say I was unable to get them loaded. I came back and worked on them all Monday and Tuesday, battling it out with the MAC and the FTP software. Frustrated does not quite capture the mood I was in:) Ask my wife. Even the tech at Pictage was stumped. It is definitely best if you can blame the software or any other third party for your problems, but when I realized it was something I did, well that did not help. The tech could have at least sounded glad that I figured it out.

Oh well, they are calling for a beautiful weekend, which is going to be great with sessions lined up for some nice outdoor family photos. I will leave you with a few photos I have been working on for Nathan and Tony, along with a shot of my daughter in Mackinaw City.

God Bless and have a great weekend!


Nathan Senior 2

Tony Senior 2

Adria in Mackinaw