What happen to the week?

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Ever have one of those weeks that starts with Monday and goes straight to Thursday? What happen? I started to work on some photos, ran some errands that never stopped, and here it’s Thursday!

We did get a little rest in this past weekend with a trip up to Mackinaw City, though a five hour drive each way is not really what I call relaxing. I must say that I was a little apprehensive about the whole thing, staying in a cabin, with the possibility of no heat, in the cold North. I, wanting to stay warm, packed TWO portable heaters just in case. I guess I was worrying without cause, for the cabins had heaters, bathrooms and showers, and a little fridge and microwave. Not quite roughing it, though as rough as I care to go. If you ever go to Mackinaw City check out www.campmackinaw.com. They are great people and run a beautiful facility.

Before we left for Mackinaw I was trying to upload some new Senior photos to Pictage in order for the senior to view them over the weekend. Of course, nothing ever works when you are in a hurry, so needless to say I was unable to get them loaded. I came back and worked on them all Monday and Tuesday, battling it out with the MAC and the FTP software. Frustrated does not quite capture the mood I was in:) Ask my wife. Even the tech at Pictage was stumped. It is definitely best if you can blame the software or any other third party for your problems, but when I realized it was something I did, well that did not help. The tech could have at least sounded glad that I figured it out.

Oh well, they are calling for a beautiful weekend, which is going to be great with sessions lined up for some nice outdoor family photos. I will leave you with a few photos I have been working on for Nathan and Tony, along with a shot of my daughter in Mackinaw City.

God Bless and have a great weekend!


Nathan Senior 2

Tony Senior 2

Adria in Mackinaw

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