Mosquito Coast (Vineyard)

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What a beautiful day outside. It’s hard to believe that it is October 12th with the warm temps today. Tony, whom I took his senior pictures, was back for round two with his family, as they purchased a photo session I donated at our church’s auction we held last month. I guess the mosquitoes did not know that it was a closed set, for they all decided to join us. Case in point for why to carry OFF spray with oneself when doing outdoor photos.

We made our rounds between a friend’s vineyard outside of town, another friend’s camp he manages, and Miracle Camp, where I was Director for a few years. The trees were turning and everything was nice and green. We had to sample a few of the Concord grapes while we were there. Yes, these were the same ones you buy at WalMart under the name Spiech Farms.

Even though the mosquitoes decided to join us, we all enjoyed the afternoon, taking our time to get the photos we were seeking, along with a few others. My goal is for each photo session to be a memorable one, and I believe the client’s would say this is true. It is for that reason I only schedule one session a day with no regard to keeping track of the time. If the family wants to try out a few different locations, change clothes, or sit around and chat between shots, that’s fine with me. It is their day and I aim to help them sense that in the way I operate my business. We definitely had fun today.

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