Engagement Session at Kalamazoo College.

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What a gorgeous evening! What a great couple! Kirsten and Chris were so much fun to work with, and as you can see, extremely photogenic. Kalamazoo College campus was the setting we chose, and was it ever beautiful. The grass was as green as it could be, and the trees were turning their different shades creating the perfect backdrop. No one can paint a background quite like God himself.

We went from very little sun to full power lighting in seconds. We had to retreat into the shade so as to not have the photos completely washed out. The two of them were a little camera shy when it came to kissing for a pose:) That’s okay though, I’ve been married sixteen years and my wife would still be that way for a picture.

We ended with a few photos involving both loves of Chris’ life; Kirsten and his Camaro. Kirsten told me not to ask the order in which they fall. Being a car enthusiast, I knew better. I did comment that Chris was still young and the order will change, for some day the car will be replaced with a minivan but Kirsten will still be there:) It was a very enjoyable evening for all.

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