Having fun with the Dress!

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Okay, so most brides spend over $1000 on their wedding dress and get to wear it once. Men, we will never understand why one would spend that much on a dress…though a really killer pair of Ostrich skin cowboy boots, possibly. The money, however, is already spent so why not take time to use the dress for photos when everyone is not so stressed?

Post-wedding photo sessions are very casual and relaxed, giving the bride and groom the opportunity to choose their own poses and locations. Many times the bride has seen their photos from the wedding day and knows which ones she wished they could have taken. These sessions give the bride the opportunity to capture these images. There are some brides that really want to take a picture that more than likely will get the dress messed up, and for that reason, taking them on the wedding day would not be good. Post-wedding sessions are the perfect time for such photos, for the dress has not yet been cleaned, though many today are not saving their dresses for their daughters to wear, feeling their daughters will more than likely want their own unique dress.

Today, we had fun taking post-wedding photos here at the studio and at two barns nearby. The bride and groom both felt more relaxed than on their wedding day, though it was a tad colder today than on their wedding day:) Now they have photos of them sweating on their wedding day, and freezing out in the middle of a snow-covered field in Southwest Michigan. How often does one get the opportunity to take a wedding photo with an Irish Sport Horse? Definitely unique, and that is what post-wedding sessions are all about.

If you feel you would like to take some more photos with your wedding dress, give us a call and let us work through ideas you may have. For those wanting something really different, check out www.trashthedress.com. This is a collection from photographers all over the United States with brides that have done some really crazy things with their dress. We will be glad to help you bring any idea you may have to print.

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Irish Sport Horse barn


Fun with the kids (plus a puppy)!

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Two days ago we had a little bit of sunshine and leaves to rake. Yesterday, over ten inches of snow, not a bad first snowfall for Southwest Michigan. Today, the sun is shining, the snow is melting, and the sky is a brilliant blue. It is just gorgeous out….though a little cold still.

A little over a week ago I went to visit a client at their home, checking out possible shot locations and meeting with the two children I would be taking pictures of. We had a great time looking everything over, getting to know each other, and watching some football:) Today, I returned with a truck load of equipment and my great assistant, ready to have some fun. The kids did not disappoint us. With a little dancing, some great ideas for poses by the daughter, and a very cooperative puppy, we had a very fun and productive two hour shoot.

I am looking forward to working with them again this next Spring.

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One Bad Cold!

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Wow, where did the time go? I just realized it has been a few weeks since I last wrote. My wife told me that is when my cold started. I have been in a haze ever since.

I don’t know about you, but a cold messes up my entire schedule. My entire day has been out of whack since my last post, and just when I thought I was going to get better…WHAM!!! My wife called me at the church a week ago to let me know a pipe had busted in the basement and was covering the floor with SEWAGE:O Not really what one wants to come home to. Well, with moving all of our stored TREASURES outside in the nice cold weather, my cold decided to come back at twice the level it had been.

One week later, the basement is back in order (actually better order than it was) and my cold is finally letting up. This is good since I have a photo shoot on Tuesday. It always helps to have one’s head about them when taking pictures:)

Until Tuesday I thought I would leave you with some photos I took right after my last posting of a senior session. I had a great time with Nick and his mom. We spent some time at the track up at the high school where Nick used to compete. We then went out to the camp my friend manages where there are many great locations for photos, including the old theater barn and many beautiful trees that were in all of their fall glory. It was one of the last beautiful days of the season. Nick did a great job as you can see by the photos.

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Nick Senior 1

Nick Senior 2