Something different..

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This past Saturday I decided to start the Spring season off with something unique for me. I lined up a empty warehouse, some good friends as models, and one very retro trailer. Saturday morning, one of the friends called canceling due to a sick child, while the other showed up with a suitcase full of wardrobe changes:)

Okay, I thought it might have been a little warmer than it was by starting time. Needless to say, poor Corey was a little on the cold side. With my daughter running the reflector panel for me, and keeping an eye on dad for mom, we made the most of our time with the trailer and warehouse.

Corey, who does love country music, played the cowgirl perfectly. Even though this was not a Senior portrait session, I wanted to show a different artistic style that many of the seniors like today. This style of photo with all its props and location can be utilized within the Senior session without any extra fees.

We used other areas within the warehouse for other shoots as well, showing that a model can pull off many different looks with just a change of wardrobe and slight change in scenery.

It was definitely a fun time, with another shoot lined up already possibly utilizing a ’65 Lincoln. Who knows, maybe we will do a little Matrix look this next time.

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New Logo

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Well, if you have been to the website you have noticed the change in the company logo. My wife doesn’t always understand how someone can look through 1000′s of fonts until he finds the ONE! I found it though:)

New Forever Always Photography, LLC logo

New Blog logo

Facebook logo


Working on the Website

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Okay, its pretty obvious my Blog was not a priority for quite some time. I cannot believe I let it go for so long.

I am making my Blog, website, and FaceBook account for Forever Always a higher priority as of now, bringing in new information and photos each week! Please feel free to write and let me know what you think of the current projects and thoughts. If you have a good idea that you would like to see in a photo let me know. One never knows where great ideas may originate.

Speaking of great ideas…I just ran over to Detroit yesterday to catch JB Sallee in his “I Photoshop People” tour. Four hours of great information that will definitely help me speed up my workflow. Keep your eyes open, for I will more than likely be trying out some new ideas soon to get your feedback.

Well, back to editing photos for me. I promise to keep the weekly updates coming!

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