Now accepting cookies…

Posted in Creative, Uncategorized at 5:13 pm by Andrew

Okay, most of us may have our computers set to keep cookies off our hard drives, but these are definitely cookies you would like to have. Last week I had fun doing a little photo shoot with some cookies for a new start-up web cookie company. Yes, I did lose a cookie or two, but not till I was done taking photos:)

It was good to try something new, and still life, at least indoors, is something that I do not have a lot of practice with. I started taking photos in the late ’80′s of architecture for a building company, and even did indoor shots of some of the rooms for advertising, but I never spent much time doing any real close-ups of smaller objects. It was a great challenge for me, and a lot of fun as well. I hope to do more still lifes soon.

God Bless,


PS.-I will get you the web address of the cookie company as soon as I get it:)