Why not hire Uncle Harry to photograph the wedding?

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Sorry I have not posted anything for a few weeks now. Things have been just a little hectic to say the least. I have heard many photographers say “There are those who have experienced a hard drive crash, and those who WILL”. I always guessed it was due to the fact they were using cheap hard drives in the first place. That wouldn’t happen to me, I have a nice LaCie external I keep things on, since my internal is already full. Well, if it was a car, you would have heard the crash from blocks away. Not good at all!

If everything I was working on was printed it still would have been bad; however, I had a wedding on the drive and it was NOT printed! Panic does not quite describe the feelings I was going through. I had heard of photographers losing all their photos and being sued to fly everyone back to redo the wedding day for photo purposes (this is TRUE). This was one of the main reasons I originally became a member of PPA (Professional Photographers of America). Included in my annual dues with PPA, is an insurance policy for just that reason.

Drivesavers.com is the best at recovering data, and with a wedding on the line, I decided not to trust it to a friend working out of his basement, pretty sure he could do it. The original estimate knocked me off my seat: between $900-$3500 depending on the severity of the crash and how soon I needed it back. Once I regained consciousness I called up PPA to see if I was covered, something Uncle Harry more than likely would not have been able to do. Because of the wedding on the drive it was covered. I would only need to pay the deductible of $200, thank you Lord:)

I received the drive back yesterday with over a 98% recovery and all of my photos intact. Needless to say I have purchased a Raid 1 system that now backs up everything unto two identical drives in case one decides to quit. After talking to friend yesterday afternoon and explaining what happened, he proceeded to tell me how his niece took the pictures at his daughter’s wedding and lost the flash card before she could print the photos. Five year’s later, still no photos, only memories:(

The question is….”When it comes to your wedding, are there somethings that are worth paying a little extra for in order to have done right?” Yes, everyone has a digital camera today and might be able to take good photos, but if something goes terribly wrong, will “sorry” be the only thing you get in return?

God Bless,