Time change…time to stay on top

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It’s like a New Year’s resolution, a time for change. Anyone else feel like you have been at least an hour behind all year? Well, we are now on schedule, rolling the clocks back an hour this past weekend. I am going to use this as an excuse to start my own little resolution of staying on top of every aspect of my life a little more. From keeping the office a little more organized, to staying on top of this blog….I resolve to do better. Hopefully it will last longer than most New Year’s resolutions do:)

Things have been rather busy with Senior portraits and trying to squeeze in some great family portraits in these beautiful Fall colors. This past weekend took out some of the leaves, though there are plenty left to create some stunning family photos in time for Christmas. Give us a call if you like to get that family portrait done you keep putting off. Resolve to stay on top of these things as well.

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Boy with B.B. Gun

Boy with B.B. Gun

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