Wedding Reception @ Gallagher’s

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Things have been crazy lately, which is a good thing. It is always nice going into the holiday season busy!

So I get a phone call last month on a Tuesday wondering if I could possibly photograph a wedding on that Friday? That’s how crazy things have been going this Fall. Lucky for both of us, I was free that Friday, at least after I rescheduled a Senior session I had for that day. Thanks again Pearson’s for being flexible!

Well, we just had the wedding reception this past Saturday, which meant tearing down all my gear at the church where I was photographing the new directory, packing it into the Trooper and setting it all up at Gallagher’s on Stadium. We had a good time. Of course, I then had to tear everything back down and haul it back to the church where I set it all up again and started taking pictures again Sunday after church service. We will finish up the directory photos this weekend and then start back up again Sunday with another Senior session.

Don’t let the busyness keep you from calling to get a session in before Christmas though, for we love being busy!

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Reception Session with Bride

Church Directory photo

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